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Downtime impacts cash flow...how much is it costing you?

Does your business have chronic IT problems?  If so, Sempreon remote monitoring can help locate the underlying issues.  Killing off chronic issues saves you money and increases profits.

Sempreon Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a managed service which DVITS uses to automate the management of business networks. 

  • monitors and reports on servers or workstations as well as firewalls, switches, and wireless systems. 
  • monitors software or services such as disaster recovery, antivirus, Exchange email, or SQL and Pervasive SQL databases
  • Produces scheduled reports which illuminates slowly developing issues such as disk drives which are filling abnormally quickly, or processor usage or memory usage which is abnormal
  • Automates the updates of operating systems and software
  • Alerts on abnormal events and in many cases automatically begins the process of repairing the issue.  Alerting allows us to schedule disruptive work outside of regular work hours and accomplish most tasks remotely
  • Saves numerous hours of administrator and consulting time
  • Makes IT more reliable and costs more predictable
  • Managed print services

For clients in any size environment, Sempreon allows us to generate tickets on any issues uncovered and prioritize the remediation work to be done.  Organizational downtime is a huge factor for SMB's, causing work stoppages, delivery delays, and loss of reputation...Sempreon RMM reduces downtime issues to make your business more productive and profitable.


  • Proactive system management which vastly reduces operating costs
  • Reduces administrator hands-on time for managing their network - this allows your IT team to focus on the projects which drive revenue up and costs down!
  • 24x7 network monitoring / reporting / alerting advises on issues, often before users are aware of problems - the alerting ensures users are not arriving for work with the Internet or a server down
  • Automated weekly and monthly reports provide detailed insight on network performance and developing issues such as abnormally full hard drives, developing hard drive problems, heavy memory usage, etc. - allows for planning and prioritization of upgrades and replacements
  • Email systems and databases are continuously monitored resulting in higher reliability
  • Multiple web sites can be monitored for performance including corporate websites, intranets, etc. - if your corporate website goes down or your web host has problems, you know immediately!
  • Anti-virus, anti-SPAM, and disaster recovery backups are centrally monitored...restores can be automatically tested!
  • Microsoft Windows patching is automatically managed based upon the client's unique requirements
  • Sempreon automatically runs tasks such as disk defrags and temp file removal to keep systems clean and running fast
  • The client has 24x7 access to both the monitoring and the help desk ticketing systems securely from the Internet



  • Small and mid-sized businesses are extremely sensitive to network downtime...in 2013 alone we have reduced downtime for multiple clients to under 0.5%.  In 2012 we reduced three of our new clients an average of over 200 hours documented downtime annually...in 2015 we are doing even more!
  • When critical events, services, or logs indicate a problem we are automatically notified.  Our notifications allow us to have client personnel or IT staff alerted as well.
  • Fewer "emergency issues".
  • Less organizational disruption
  • Tech work can be scheduled more easily outside of work hours
  • Windows and application patching is automated
  • Knowing about device issues and capacity problems early allows issues to be solved before they impact users!
  • Sempreon managed services can be used whether you have internal IT staff or not
  • The client has access via any Internet connection to all details concerning their site including trouble tickets, reports, performance measures, and hardware/software inventories

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