Sempreon MaaS360 Mobile Device Management

38228064 sMost small and mid-sized businesses don't realize that enterprise quality mobile device management can be cost-effective...Sempreon MaaS360 services provide a means for businesses of ANY size to manage their users mobile devices from laptops and tablets to smartphones.  In addition we can manage devices from nearly any manufacturer or service provider. 

Quickly Deploy and Support Mobile Devices in the Enterprise

Organizations today need visibility into and control over the mobile devices that are entering the business environment, whether they are employee-owned or provided by the corporation. The fact that an exceptionally high percentage of mobile devices in any business are employee owned really elevates business risk.  MaaS360 mobile device management provides a comprehensive set of capabilities so you can quickly and easily configure devices for enterprise access and ensure that the corporate data stored on all devices is secure. It supports all major mobile devices including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, as well as Windows and OS X laptops.


MaaS360 streamlines the device configuration process using SMS, email or URL links for easy end user self-service over-the-air (OTA) enrollment in just minutes to make life simple for both IT and mobile employees. IT is automatically notified of any new devices on the network and can quarantine or approve them, ensuring compliance with corporate policies. OTA configuration management provides streamlined delivery and maintenance of corporate device profiles, including provisioned Wi-Fi and VPN settings.


Through our unique plug and play approach, MaaS360 makes mobile device system integration easy and straightforward. With MaaS360 Cloud Extender, you can securely integrate with all major email, calendar and contacts platforms including Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Office 365, plus Active Directory, LDAP and any required Certificate Authorities. Robust APIs ease and simplify the integration process.


  • Remotely wipe a lost or stolen device
  • Identify malware on a device and deny access to the enterprise
  • Identify rooted or jailbroken devices
  • Provide users with a catalog of approved apps
  • Publish required HR or other documentation to devices


  • Enforce stronger passcode policies
  • Verify encryption status on devices
  • Detect and block prohibited apps
  • Detect and alert on SIM changes
  • Configure automated policy actions such as messaging or blocking out-of-compliance users


MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite delivers a dual persona approach to separate personal and enterprise data in this bring your own device (BYOD) era. It provides a Trusted WorkPlace container for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices for a complete mobile security and productivity solution with strong data leak prevention, and consistent and seamless workflows.

 MaaS360 keeps everything users need for work in one secure container. They can manage all their emails, contacts, calendars, apps, documents and Web browsing from one dedicated workspace on their mobile devices, no matter what devices they’re using or who owns them.


Mobility Intelligence™ (MI) dashboards deliver an interactive, graphical summary of your mobile environment operations and compliance. MaaS360 provides integrated MI reporting and analytics to provide a high level view into your mobile landscape with detailed hardware and software inventory reports, plus configuration and vulnerability details. System administrators can subscribe to their favorite reports to have them emailed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Your organization will gain insight into the distribution of mobile devices across the different operating system platforms, approval statuses, device capabilities, ownership and various other useful summaries and detail. Administrators can customize their My Alert Center to track and receive alerts about key events.


Supporting mobile workers requires a 24x7 operation that’s always on. MaaS360 provides robust help desk capabilities for support procedures such as locating a device with GPS, resetting a user’s passcode and sending a direct message to a device. MaaS360 also provides an end user support portal that allows users to self-manage basic tasks, such as resetting the passcode, locating or wiping a lost device.

Dolce Vita uses Sempreon MaaS360 to keep portable data safe.  If mobile device management is on your to-do list, mark it off today!  Call us to see how MaaS360 can cost-effectively help protect your business! 

To check out some of MAAS360's capabilities, check out our videos



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