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Sempreon DATTO Business Continuity


Sempreon DATTO services provide backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity from one seamless platform.  There is a significant difference between backup and business continuity.


  • Sempreon DATTO services absolutely minimize the business impacts of lost or destroyed data...resulting in less revenue lost or delayed!
  • Backup images are automatically self-tested at least daily to verify that they boot up correctly, thus saving administrator labor
  • Sempreon DATTO services provide image-based backups, not files/folders only
  • Sempreon DATTO services allow us to boot up your backup as a virtual machine on your network as a rapid replacement to a failed server...be back up in minutes, NOT hours!
  • Backups are retained onsite and are relicated to two separate datacenters offsite (on East and West Coasts)
  • The local backups are as granular as the client requires allowing recovery to a point in time, instead of recovering only a daily backup...the onsite images can be booted from the appliance in under 15 minutes in the event of a major failure of a protected server
  • Because the images are replicated to two offsite datacenters, in the event of a local disaster (fire, tornado, etc.) which damages the local backup storage, we have the capability to use the offsite images to reconstitute the protected devices on a remote virtual network.  The client can be moved to a location with functional internet, and their critical workstations are then attached to the remote virtual network using an SSL agent.  This gives the client the capability to function while their disaster recovery plan is implemented to rebuild local servers.
  • With the server images we can perform testing on a separate virtual network in the event the client needs a temporary test environment
  • In short, Sempreon DATTO can save your business!

The DATTO system runs using an onsite appliance which combines the backup/imaging solution and the storage into a single device.  Any server or workstation to be protected simply has an agent installed and backups proceed to be deposited on the storage.

The system is configured to be self-testing in which an automated boot-up is done on the most recent backup images to confirm they are functional.  This eliminates the need for an administrator to manually test backups which is, behind poor documentation, one of the leading reasons for restoration failures.  DATTO allows us to not only mount the image from a particular point in time, but it allows us to boot the server image from the storage device, and connect that virtual server to the network in the event the protected server had a critical failure.  This is superior to a situation in which servers are backed up and the restores infrequently tested to confirm images are usable.  And it is vastly superior to any tape-based system in which a network backup will span multiple tapes.

Critically important to any disaster recovery scenario is the requirement to get the images offsite.  DATTO automates this process and gives the administrator real-time visibility of the offsite replication status of all of the protected machines.

Do you have backup insomnia?

For clients who suffer backup insomnia, Sempreon DATTO is just the solution you are looking for!   If you want to not only keep your data safe but stay operational in the worst circumstances, this is a great way to do it...call us today to schedule a free demo!



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