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Sempreon Managed Services encompasses all of Dolce Vita IT Solutions' managed services offerings.  This includes remote monitoring and management on nearly every networked component on a client's network from servers and workstations to firewall, antivirus and backups.  Even server room or equipment closet temperature and humidity can be monitored and alerted on.  But the Sempreon suite includes other services functioning 24/7 to make your IT investment more reliable and productive, to improve revenue and reduce expenses.

Sempreon RMM - Automation of network management tasks reduces hands-on admin time and improves reliability while reducing costs.  This allows network managers to focus on projects and planning.  24/7 network monitoring / reporting / alerting advises on issues often before users are aware of problems - the alerting ensures users are not arriving for work with the Internet, email, or a critical server down.  The Sempreon RMM system also automates the process of remediation of many issues by running relevant scripts and management processes.

Sempreon DATTO business continuity and disaster recovery (onsite/offsite) - provides onsite and offsite disaster recovery with the capability to recover a server from scratch in under 20 minutes using onsite appliance, and under two hours if the onsite backups have been destroyed.  This is an incredible capability at small business pricing which includes onsite and offsite backups!  All backups are automatically tested and verified, making disaster recovery one less thing to worry about.  In addition this system allows for recovery of individual Exchange emails and their attachments instead of having to recover an entire mailbox or information store, a capability most other systems lack.

Sempreon Hosted Exchange - the collaboration features of a Microsoft Exchange email system with 99.999% uptime which is hosted with redundant servers in the cloud.  This provides archived SPAM-free mailboxes on a server which you don't have to manage.  Your Exchange data is one of your most critical data repositories.  If desired, Hosted Exchange can be used to archive your users' entire mailbox for easy recovery.  Also includes the capability for easy-to-use encrypted email.

Sempreon Intronis offsite backups - provides automated offsite backups of critical files/folders in the event that a small business doesn't have the need to fully recover a server.  This is a cost-effective capability for small businesses with critical data, especially if the data travels on laptops or tablets.

Sempreon MaaS360 Mobile Device Management  - provides the capability to track, lock, or remotely wipe mobile devices from Android and Apple to Windows and Blackberry.  The system allows a variety of device policies to be used to protect corporate data.

Sempreon ShareSync - as a centrally managed cloud-based file sharing service it competes favorably with other enterprise-level business grade cloud storage systems...it allows for simple implementation and management


Managed Services Case Studies

Case studies illustrating some of the results using Sempreon Managed Services.  Click here to learn more.

Sempreon DATTO

Sempreon DATTO services provide backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity from one seamless platform. Click here to learn more.

Mobile Device Management

Sempreon MaaS360 services provide a means for businesses of ANY size to manage their users mobile devices from laptops and tablets to smartphones. Click here to learn more.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Sempreon Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a service which DVITS uses to automate the management of client networks. Click here to learn more.