Feeling run down by the "SPAM Train"?  Not sure if your backups would work?  DVITS gets results!

 Managed Cloud-based Anti-SPAM Services – High-Tech Manufacturer - heavy reliance on email

Client Profile:

• Central Oklahoma manufacturing facility with 45 users

• 2 Servers with on-premise Exchange server for email, client was struggling with the amount of inbound SPAM being processed by anti-SPAM software on the server



DATTO recovery of accounting system – during an audit

Client Profile:

• Oklahoma City facility with about 25 users

• 4 Servers with on-premise Exchange server for email, and a dedicated accounting system server.  The accounting department accidentally modified one of the accounting system reporting databases in a way which made a recovery of the database far simpler than fixing the issue piecemeal.  In under 30 minutes, the reporting database was restored and users were back to work, saving time and money!

AntiVirus and Anti-malware Services - Local financial services business

Client Profile:
• Central Oklahoma financial services business
• 8 Servers, 150 workstations, Cisco switch and router infrastructure


DATTO recovery of accidentally deleted shared folders

Client Profile:

• Edmond insurance company with over 50 users

• A manager's accidental deletion of business-critical folders resulted in the client's policy services group losing access to important data.  One phone call to determine which folders needed to be recovered, and in under 15 minutes, the users were back in business.  The speed with which this recovery was performed avoided business disruption, and the resultant costs. 

Disaster Recovery - Small Business Server - Manufacturing Environment

Client Profile:
• Western Oklahoma manufacturing business, electronics components

• 2 Servers, 32 workstations, using StorageCraft ShadowProtect for server backups and DR



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