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Dolce Vita provides a critical information technology resource to senior management teams in numerous small and mid-sized businesses. The ability to have an experienced consulting firm such as Dolce Vita provide an independent evaluation of existing IT infrastructure can provide substantial value and long-term savings.  The evaluation results can be used to assess the existing technology plans or can provide the basis for a business to develop or improve a long-term information technology plan.


  • Business requirements analysis
  • Technology upgrades including Active Directory implementations and upgrades
  • Risk evaluation and security audits
  • IT investment and technology upgrade profiles
  • Review essential information technology infrastructure based upon your business
  • Return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Business continuity planning and implementation
  • Cloud services including SPAM processing and hosted Exchange email
  • E-mail migration planning
  • Virtualization deployment planning and implementation

Dolce Vita has an exceptionally successful history of providing strategic technology assistance to organizations which allows them to more cost-effectively compete in today's marketplace.  This assistance has resulted in documented higher reliability, reduced downtime, and better productivity for their staff.  This results in higher profit margins and improved employee and customer satisfaction.